X-Eng 'X-Defend' Pedal lock fitted

With an intention of using the 90 more, the security has been ramped up yet again. There are now 'many' levels of security added to what was an incredibly vulnerable vehicle off the production line. The X-Eng device is incredibly easy and convenient to use and provides a very real deterrent and obstacle to overcome.

Saturday June 22, 2020 ( 21:38 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Rear view camera fitted

With seats in the rear and the soft top down,visibility is a little 'van like'. With the screen in the dash, a reversing camera was an obvious solution but none of the usual positions seemed to give a good view. Final position was just above the rear cross member but below tailgate giving an excellent sight line.

Wednesday June 17, 2020 ( 22:42 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Rear seats with integral belts finished

Removable seat unit has now been finished and fitted. Covers made by myself on a Seiko STW-8B walking foot machine using Scottish 'Andrew Muirhead' Ash grey Leather and Charcoal Alcantara 'Soft'.

Saturday June 6, 2020 ( 21:22 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Quick release rear seats for soft top

New project to add rear seats to the rear tub. The plan is to adapt WAV mobility seats to make a removable bench which is mounted via QR levers onto UNWIN tracking. Seats have integral 3 way belts and due to UNWIN rails can be mounted forwards or rear facing.

Friday May 1, 2020 ( 20:35 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Centre Console finally finished

After a 5 year pause, the centre console has finally been finished. Now including boost gauge, two 6x9 speakers, a double DIN unit and a PICAXE based fan controller and temperature monitoring system.

Monday December 23, 2019 ( 22:17 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


NAS High Level brakelight bar

Fitting a highlevel 3rd brakelight to a soft top Landrover requires a structure to be fitted to the tailgate. The NAS 90 had a good enough solution so I copied it in 25mm steel tube using a Hella external brake light unit.

Tuesday July 23, 2019 ( 23:20 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


'NAS style' step towbar struts

Towbar fitting to NAS step. The existing triangulation bars were for a TD5 chassis so needed modification.

Friday July 5, 2019 ( 21:18 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Plasma cut steering guard mounting plates

New mounting plates for the Steering guard bought without mounts. Integrated toweyes in 12mm steel.

Friday April 12, 2019 ( 21:44 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


2018 project T5 Auto Campervan

Sadly the Syncro needed more time than I had. As such it had to go. Replaced instead by a T5 Auto. Works to this so far include fitting Ebespacher diesel heater, tracing and repairing water leaks and fitting headrests to the RIB rear seating.

Sunday December 23, 2018 ( 23:38 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Landrover nearing completion

It seems unlikely that it'll ever be considered 'finished' but it has been getting some good use this Summer. With the roof now fitting and having a new garage door fitted which allows the Landy to drive in & out with a roof fitted means that it is now being used more regularly. Two seats plus ISO-Fix in the centre is working well.

Sunday August 26, 2018 ( 00:08 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


2017 projects - Various 90 projects

Work has continued on smaller parts of the Landy. Hood hoop brackets have been fabricated and powder coated to allow the LR hoops to mate with solidity to the safety devices roll bar. The radiator fan cowling has continued, the ISO-FIX bar has been modified and the centre console is now fitted with doubleDIN DVD and a boost gauge.

Sunday June 3, 2018 ( 21:05 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


2016 project - VW Campervan

It is an ex Yorkshire Water Board T25 (T3 or Vanagon) panel van Syncro which was converted into a Reimo Pop-top campervan in the mid 90s. Corrosion has taken hold and the project has begun on the most critical element - the rear trailing arm brackets. More to follow.

Sunday February 28, 2016 ( 21:05 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


2015 project - Third scale WW2 Jeep

With the 90 being almost finished, a toy Jeep for my son has been started. Most 'Toylander' types seem to be half scale which makes for a very big end product. Mine is scaled at 1/3 and will be powered by they typical mobility scooter powerplant. For a bit of fun I'm working to make it switchable from on board 'drive by wire' to fully remote controlled.

Thursday September 18, 2014 ( 22:38 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Kenlowe fan control

The kenlowe fan has not been hooked up yet but rather than using the usual thermostatic switch, I've opted to add a display system to monitor temperatures in the engine bay and automatically control the fan. The new system also monitors battery voltage and outputs the info onto an OLED display.

Thursday September 17, 2014 ( 22:50 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Spare wheel lock

The spare wheel has now been replaced with a refurbished alloy wheel and in order to add security, a circular van padlock has been modified to lock the wheel onto the spare carrier.

Thursday September 17, 2014 ( 22:47 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Centre console

Manufacture of the chosen design has been started. Predominantly built using 18mm russian birch ply the console will hose a pair of 6x9 speakers and an audio unit, power outlets, switches and possibly an OLED monitoring display. The whole unit will be sealed then vinyl trimmed. Panel surfaces will be laser cut. A removable baffle will hide the speakers and provide further storage space.

Friday August 02, 2014 ( 00:46 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Current standing

Dashboars still isn't installed nor is the blower - but with the powdercoating now done on the ISOFIX, sidesteps and windscreen bars it seems that bit closer to being finished.

Thursday July 05, 2014 ( 23:07 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Exmoor 'Meshtop' hood fitted

Exmoor trim 'Meshtop' bimini hood. A NAS designed part only available on the American Exmoor website but available in the UK nonetheless. 104 well spent as it is light and airy as well as taut and apparently waterproof. Sides have been tied using studs on the side bars and 'rubba-guy' ties from www.sherborne.co.uk/tensioners.html

Monday June 20, 2014 ( 21:25 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Powdercoated side steps fitted

Side steps complete and refitted. Powdercoated and texture painted.

Monday June 28, 2014 ( 22:07 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Old side steps get some attention

Rusty side steps get a rebuild. Powder coat off, submerged rust treatment bath with DeoxC & a repaint.

Monday May 19, 2014 ( 23:10 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Centre console

Dash panel needs some updating & expanding. Not sure what is needed yet but card modelling has begun. Speakers, CD player, CB, switches, 12v outlets, interior lights, thermometers, boost gauges, clock, cup holders?!

Friday April 11, 2014 ( 23:30 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Iso-Fix mountings

Two front seats but no facility for child seats / car seat. So a bar has been made up to allow mounting of a maxi-cosi iso-fix base. Two M10 bolts directly to tub chassis mounting brackets and four M8 exhaust clamps mount the upper tube to the seat boxes.

Tuesday April 08, 2014 ( 23:30 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Windscreen support bars

The rollbar gave no support to the windscreen which bounced around with the hood pulling upon it. Tubular bars now tie the rollbar to the windscreen frame.

Monday April 07, 2014 ( 23:20 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Current standing

The dashboard isn't installed. The interior needs remodelling to include storage, ISOFIX and a stereo. The hood needs a rework. But otherwise its pretty much there. MOT due again next week. Done 9 miles since last MOT!

Thursday April 04, 2014 ( 21:01 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Door Cards fitted

Allmakes plastic doorcards were bought to replace the original (knackered) card items. They fitted reasonably well and are sound value when compared to the original LR items.

Thursday December 27, 2013 ( 18:47 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


'Halfords truck bed' painted chequer

The original chequer plate was looking a little tired and detracted from the Bronze green paintwork. To blend it in a little, the alloy was scrubbed, etch primed and then sprayed with texture paint.

Friday December 20, 2013 ( 09:59 AM GMT) | Permanent Link


Alloy wheels completed

Alloys have now been finished and new BFG AT tyres fitted. Offset is a little smaller than the compomotives but not enough to warrant spacers.

Wednesday October 30, 2013 ( 10:59 AM GMT) | Permanent Link


NAS, Xtrem, 90 reviews archived

Some magazine articles on rare models archived.

Wednesday October 30, 2013 ( 10:43 AM GMT) | Permanent Link


Alloy wheel refurbishment

The compomotive alloys are in excellent condition but the fact they're not hubcentric bugs me despite the custom made spigot rings. They're damned heavy to hold in place whilst trying to fit the bolts. The new tyres need fitting on something so the old disco alloys are being cleaned up to follow the NAS / Xtrem style.

Wednesday July 3, 2013 ( 22:40 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


New fuel tank

The olf fuel tank has sprung a leak from the sump area. Although just a dribble it wasn't going to fix itself. So ordered a Bearmach item. Not the prettiest piece of forming but apparently a quality chinese copy. It was rubbed down, seam sealed with polyurethane sikaflex, primed, painted gloss black 'rustOleum combicolor' then schutz'd. Should last.

Monday July 1, 2013 ( 22:46 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


MOT day!

Ten days short of four years in progress, the landy is finally road legal again! Some questions regarding the bonnet catch but otherwise all good.... not even a single advisory!

Tuesday April 9, 2013 ( 22:30 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Final panel assembly

Final body panels in place alongside the exmoor trim bikini top.

Tuesday April 9, 2013 ( 22:30 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Air filter fitment

Decided touse the discovery filter in the original 12J position. The Steve Parker lower intercooler pipe didn't give enough clearance so a mix match of rubber hoses were used underneath the filter. One new elbow, one disco elbow and one shortened disco top IC hose. One of the old disco clamps was also modified to hold it all close to the wing.

Thursday February 04, 2013 ( 22:02 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Binnacle replacement

The original plastic clusterpod mount was fragile and already quite damaged making it impossible to re-use. A new plastic one from LR costs around 55 + VAT. Raptor engineering make a very nice steel version for just 33 + VAT. But with VAT and delivery the price is nearer 50 all in. So with a plate of 2.5mm steel left over from the chassis repairs I se to it. Maybe 4 or 5 hours later all looks good.

Thursday February 21, 2013 ( 22:08 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Gearstick repositioning

The gearstick is known for being quite close to the dash in R, 1, 3 and 5 - especially with any kind of dash pod fitted. I'm planning a custom centre console / dashboard so took the opportunity to find out what could be done to bring the knob further back. Not welded yet as I'me going to let the console come together first. Fortunately the splined bracket seems to be cast steel and not cast iron. So hopefully welding the stick back on shouldn't crack the casting. It was MIGged on in the same fashion by the factory.

Wednesday February 20, 2013 ( 19:55 PM GMT) | Permanent Link



The interior floor, seatbox, bulkhead and doors have all been soundproofed with a layer of SilentCoat vibrational damper. A further coat of closed cell foam (scavenged from the military Wolf insulation kit) will be fitted as a second layer over the floor and seatbox.

Sunday January 27, 2013 ( 23:34 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


MGF seats finished

Quick release fittings have now been machined and fitted to the MGF seats. 12mm dia stainless pins lock into 3mm stainless plates at the rear and re-inforced brackets at the front mount onto fixed studs on the front edge of the seat box. The seats slide as they should with 22cm of movement forward & back.

Saturday December 1, 2012 ( 18:52 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


MGF seats test fitting

Replacement seats were bought quite some time ago. Having driven an MGF for a few days I reckoned they'd be pretty good in a ninety. Comfortable, thin base, half leather and low s/h value. I picked them up off eBay for about 30. Rear mounting brakets are a job to do but I'm happy so far - especially as they already have seatbelt catches fitted and being 'Rover group' they are fully compatible with the new belts bought recently (again eBay for 5 each).

Sunday November 18, 2012 ( 19:09 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Rollbar fitted

Re-assembly is well underway with the Safety devices roll bar successfully mating to the OEM bulkhead removal bar. Having seen other 90SV padded rollbars at the L2B landrover run I'm pleased to see how well the rubber on this one has lasted over the past 18odd years.

Tuesday October 16, 2012 ( 23:30 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Spare carrier & NAS step fitted

The Safari equip spare wheel carrier and NAS style rear step are now fitted. Modifying the tailgate to side hinging was plesantly easy with just a bracket needing fabrication to enable the third mounting point to be attached.

Tuesday October 16, 2012 ( 23:30 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Hardlines are replaced

Paintwork is nearing completion with the bonnet and tailgate having their 2nd coats yesterday. Look at the 'Paintwork Begins' link below to see latest photos. Modified clutch hardline and replacement brakelines fitted today with the awesome Sykes flaring tool. New tool to replace the flaremaster I broke yesterday.

Sunday September 2, 2012 ( 23:19 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


The paintwork continues with the enamel

Paintwork continues with the rear tub, doors and windscreen hinges. Its been good and warm for quick drying but this has also led to some notable orange peel effect. Still better than the drips experienced on the bulkhead. Wind hasn't helped in stirring up the dust. With hindsight I'd never choose alkyd enamel again. Incredibly slow drying time, average levelling capabilities, liability to drip etc. Cellulose in future!

Monday July 31, 2012 ( 21:04 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Rear tub rebuild begins

The rear tub needs a rebuild. Some corrosion and some tatty bits. All to go green. The old rubber matting was contact adhesived down. A heat gun and standard thinners have got it fairly clean again.

Sunday May 13, 2012 ( 22:26 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Glass fusebox updated

The old glass fuses were outdated. Just 12 fuses for the whole car and diifcult to obtain the right size and values.
New fusebox came from the recycled discovery. But its an odd one not seemingly in the parts catalogue. Twenty seven fuseways available.

Sunday May 13, 2012 ( 20:45 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Doors fully welded start paintwork

With both doors having undergone metal replacement on the lower and reinforcing strips, the mechanical repairs are now complete.
Paintwork has begun with U-Pol Acid8 being used as a bare metal primer. All good but the etch chemicals are lifting the edges of the previous red paint where it was otherwise good.

Sunday May 13, 2012 ( 19:41 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


303 Aerospace Protectant

The tyres currently fitted are getting old. In fact they probably date from the last rebuild maybe 10 years ago. In that time the metal has corroded away and the tyres have starget to age too.
I've looked out for a product to slow down / reverse the ageing process caused by oxidation / UV causing the rubber to dry out. 303 Aerospace protector seems to say that it does just that so I've bought some and will see how it goes. So far it certainly makes the rubber look and feel fresher without the usual 'tyre shine' 'wet look'.

Sunday May 13, 2012 ( 19:30 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Doors getting a fresh lease of life

On the surface not too bad - but worn and siezed hinges had worked with the rust to kill the steel frames inside the doors.
The inners have been stripped and all rot cut out. New skins would be ideal but cost >70 plus VAT each so the existing ones will have to be cleaned up & resused too. It'd probably be cheaper to buy new Series doors rather than just reskin these ones.

Friday December 22, 2011 ( 17:19 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Bilt Hamber DeOx

Bought some 1mm plate from my local stockholders for door repairs.
They proudly told me it was some of the best stock the had but was surface covered in the brown stuff. I got out the Bilt hamber rust remover and followed instructions. Not much happened so I substituted the 'stiff brush' for a wire brush and in less than 20 minutes I had a gleaming panel which could have been mistaken for freshly rolled. I'm impressed with the blue bottles.

Friday December 22, 2011 ( 17:23 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Paintwork begins

After long drawn out delibarations regarding colour I finally chose white and promptly bought a can of Rustoleum Combi-color RAL white.
I then changed my mind and bought some Bronze green enamel from Anchor supplies (made by the now defunkt Kingstonian Paints in Hull.

Sunday October 30, 2011 ( 20:08 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Exhaust system fitted

Steve Parker downpipe fitted and attached to std 2.5 turbo diesel mid & rear system. Mid section needed approx 14" cutting off and replacing with approx 12" of straight 54mm OD pipe.
Std rear hanger used but custom brackets and U-clamps used to secure to chassis and gearbox.

Thursday July 28, 2011 ( 17:38 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Last of the calipers finished

All four disco calipers now fully rebuilt with new seals and pistons. Wire brushed & bead blasted prior to derusting with Bilt Hmaber.

Saturday July 23, 2011 ( 20:12 PM GMT) | Permanent Link


Bulkhead removal bar fitting

Courtesy of eBay, a genuine LR bulkhead removal bar has been purchased. Fitting requires some modification of the tub cappings.
The bar also provides some significant support for the Safety Devices NAS style roll bar (see below).

Wednesday February 9, 2011 ( 22:50 PM GMT) | Permanent Link

Bulkhead Bar

Fibreglass moulding a new fan shroud for the 200Tdi

Since going for the whole disco engine conversion a few bits have been missing. Since the vehicle already had a 12" Kenlowe I thought I'd make a fibreglass cowling to fit it to the disco radiator module.
New cowling is being made from a solid wooden plug and subsequent fibreflass mould. Designs fit the existing brackets and will house a new 13" HD kenlowe if needed. Black fibreglass resin too...

Tuesday February 8, 2011 ( 20:12 PM GMT) | Permanent Link

Fibreglass mould

Finally found out where my Roll bar came from

Always thought it was a bit of an odd one. It looked like a NAS with all the right padding & buttons & seatbelt mounts. But it had no A-pillar provision. So waht was it?
Apparently it is a predominantly French market special edition vehicle known as the x-trem.

Monday February 7, 2011 ( 20:12 PM GMT) | Permanent Link

French Xtrem

Discovery's final journey

Initially costing 500 with a short MOT and minor crash damage, the Disco has now given me its 200Tdi engine, transfer box, both axles and alloy wheels.
After selling the registration plate, the nearly new tyres and the mirrors, total cost for the above parts was just 18.

Saturday 30 October, 2010 ( 22:02 PM GMT) | Permanent Link

Disco is Dead

London2Brighton Landrover run

Sussex & Surrey land rover club's annual run from Hook to Brighton.
Somewhere between 700 and 800 make the run annually. Also managed to get the transfer box (1.222 ratio) and rear axle off the disco today.

Friday 26 September, 2010 ( 22:58 PM GMT) |

London 2 Brighton

Final work on the chassis

Lots of work happening to finish the chassis and get started with the re-assembly.
Dumb irons have all been opened up and rot cut out & replaced with fresh steel. Front spring seats have also been replaces with new.

Thursday 29 July, 2010 ( 23:00 PM GMT) | Permanent Link

Dumb Iron repaired

AP 4-pot calipers get a much needed rebuild

With quite a bit of corrosion and sticking pistons the calipers have had a full rebuild following guides on the web.
Caliper bodies have been wire brushed, bead blasted and rust killed with Jenolite. Pistons & seals then removed and replaced. Bare metal then painted with Hammerite.
Disco front calipers were dual circuit so retained defender front calipers. Bolt sizes were smaller on the disco axle so sleeves turned to fit calipers with narrower bolts.

Tuesday 10 August, 2010 ( 23:14 PM GMT) | Permanent Link

Opened caliper

200Tdi engine gets some attention

The smoking has been investigated with the use of a 100psi leak down test.
Cyl 2 has a mild leak to exhaust 13% loss. Cyl 4 has a notable leak to pushrod channel - hence the chuffing. Cyls 1 & 3 seem good.
Head off. 6.5thou skim & regasket with elring. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday 01 June, 2010 ( 23:35 PM GMT) | Permanent Link

Engine Maintenance

Discovery preparation continues

The J reg discovery has been losing weight.
The engine is running well but causes concern with its smoking habit.

Monday 01 May, 2010 ( 23:11 PM GMT) | Permanent Link

Disco loses some pounds

Bought some new equipment

The Nissan Cabstar engine is nearing its final moment.
At long last the Clarke crane has removed the offending Nissan heart.

Sunday 20 February, 2010 ( 22:10 PM GMT) | Permanent Link

Crane in use

The welding continues.....

Latest work has been on removing the old nissan engine and stripping the discovery of all unecessary bits.
Still lots to do for the Tdi conversion - but it's just too cold to do any real work!.

Wednesday 06 January, 2010 ( 20:15 PM GMT) | Permanent Link

Repaired bulkhead


Bought a reasonable looking 90 for 1000. Fitted was a Nissan TD2500 N/A 'Cabstar' truck engine.

Wednesday 20 April, 2009 ( 20:37 PM GMT) | Permanent Link